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Review Of Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Episode 14

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Hum Tv Drama Cast

Zindagi Gulzar hai Epi 14 too was full of a continual and modifying mistakes. It was very crazy to see Zaroon – Kashaf Murtaza as her manager .Kashaf’s mind-set towards Zaroon was quite validated but viewing Zaroon hotel to the same old techniques was actually quite frustrating and somewhat annoying! Has he neglected that he is engaged? He desires Asmara to modify her methods because she is involved to him now but he obviously seems that the same concept does not implement to him. the two British visitors dressed in the same outfits in the workplace conference publish their website check out, as they were dressed in when Zaroon was re-introduced to Kashaf at the end of the last show (Epi 13). Moreover Badeen has never been as near to Karachi town as it seemed nowadays in this show . Was it that Kashaf had come to Karachi for a unique conference and then decreased in to see Sir Abraar? Most of all when did Osaama and Kashaf ever become buddies? Considering how anti-elite Kashaf had been during her school times. It was a little befuddling to see her now on conditions with Osaama, so much so that he has now suggested to kashaf? It was not just me, even Osaama’s best buddy Zaroon seemed shocked! Also, when did Kashaf get over her issues with the ruined, over-indulged kids of the higher category.
Osama and Kashaf have started into best buddies since they have been touching each other all these decades. I was as amazed as Zaroon when Osama informed him that he was touching Kashaf because no one described it before this, not even Kashaf while speaking with her siblings or composing her journal. It was somewhat amazing that Osama made the decision to recommend Kashaf even after his discussion with Zaroon. But I must provide the guy credit score, he has guts! I am patiently waiting to discover out how Kashaf will react since there was discuss of a offer in the next episode’s promotion.

I keep in mind Kashaf was very satisfied for Sidrah when she got wedded and believed that her spouse was a awesome man, since Kashaf has known Osama for such a lengthy time she should know that he has the “character” she has been looking for in a man.

Apart from providing more display a chance to the cause couple, we also saw a fast glance of Sidra. Mansha Pasha glowed as the obviously gladly wedded Sidra. I liked the lovely time between the siblings, and its heartening to see the connection between siblings remaining post-marriage. Shehnila too put in a visitor overall look. I experienced how Shehnila on the sides with Kashaf on her position on wedding. I wonder why Rafia is amazed to listen to Kashaf declining to get wedded. With a role-model like the loss Murtaza at the front side of her, it is probably very difficult for Kashaf, who probably has seen and recalls a lot more than her other two young siblings, to gladly leap in to a wedding.

While it was excellent to see Kashaf’s aspect of near relatives members, even Nigaar got display time while Hammaad was described in abstentia, once again Zaroon’s aspect of near relatives members got the brief shrift. Considering how lengthy dedicated to Sara & Farhan’s divorce problem, and Zaroon-Asmara’s incompatibility issues the other day, why did they not quantity even a moving mention? Is Zaroon so infatuated by Kashaf that he’s neglected all about his individual uncertain issues? From the glance of a much more satisfied looking Sara in the precap, are we to believe that her divorce is old information and Asmara is no more a aspect of Zaroons life? I wish we get some solutions next weeks time.
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